We are building a team of dedicated colleagues who inspire one another with their energy, their passion and their diversity of perspectives -- people who dream big and fight hard for what they believe in.

We are committed to challenging each other with new opportunities, to promoting cross-functional dialogue and integration, and to boldly innovating together.

We are looking for exceptional candidates for the following open positions in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Embedded Application Developer

We are seeking an embedded software developer to help build a rich, engaging embedded graphical user interface experience for our next-generation IoT product.  Experience developing interactive UIs in C or C++ is a must; experience developing on Linux, Qt or GTK+ is preferred but not required.  This individual will work with a team of expert software, electrical and mechanical developers and UI designers on a high-engagement, highly connected product.


Software Architect

We are seeking an experienced engineer to implement and deploy fast image and video processing software on an embedded Linux system.  Expertise in Python and C++ is a must.  Candidate should be able to quickly translate high-level Matlab and Python code into optimized, production-ready software with direction from the designer.  Experience in reliability engineering is also a plus.  The ideal candidate should also have a deep appreciation for culinary arts.


Senior Web Services Developer

We are looking for a senior web services developer capable of building an infrastructure to support hundreds of thousands of connected consumer products in the field.  Careful attention to performance, scalability and maintainability is required.  The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate successful web infrastructure for other IoT products, SaaS offerings or similar.  Candidate must be capable of leading the services team, collaborating with devops and meeting rollout, uptime and scalability targets.


Devops Engineer

We are seeking a web developer operations candidate to support a services infrastructure for hundreds of thousands of connected consumer electronics products.  Command of comprehensive monitoring, redundancy and durability best practices is critical.  Candidate must have four or more years of experience with demonstrated uptime, response time and spike performance in commercial SaaS or IoT service infrastructure.


Web Developer, Frontend

We are seeking a web developer practiced in rapid prototyping, responsive design and multivariant testing techniques.  Candidate must be skilled in HTML, Javascript and CSS and must also have experience working with designers to rapidly deploy frequent experiments.  Experience with e-commerce platforms and checkout flows is a plus.


Quality and Reliability Engineer

We are looking for an engineer to ensure product quality and reliability of both software and hardware for our high-tech IoT product.  This individual will develop test strategy and an automated test system and will utilize both internal and external resources to execute it.  An intuition for common quality pitfalls is important, with four or more years of quality engineering experience required.  Prior experience with physical products is a plus.


Mobile Application Developer, iOS

We are seeking an iOS application developer to build our smartphone app.  Candidate must be comfortable with rapid prototyping, multivariant testing and telemetry techniques.  Candidate must also be able to demonstrate application quality and upkeep with apps currently available on the App Store.


Cloud Services Reliability Engineer

We are looking for a reliability engineer to scale, fortify and maintain our web service tier.  This individual must have demonstrable experience deploying high-reliability infrastructure with adequate instrumentation to identify performance issues or outages, fail-over to a spare, conduct or coordinate a fix with engineering and conduct an incident postmortem.  This engineer will implement the above for our service infrastructure to support hundreds of thousands of physical connected devices in the field.


Director of Product Design

We are seeking a product design engineer / mechanical engineer with consumer electronics experience as well as experience dealing with contract manufacturers and suppliers in Asia.  Candidate must be able to maintain and manage a CAD database using SolidWorks 2015.  Ten or more years of experience in the field, in addition to knowledge of sheet metal manufacturing processes and injection-molded plastics, is required.


Creative Director

We are looking for a visionary creative director to lead and inspire our growing design department.  This individual will be equal parts entrepreneurial and artistic, with an innate sense of how design both supports and guides business goals.  The creative director will craft our brand's narrative through visual, interactive, video and copy, work closely with product and engineering to develop new features and experiences, and allocate design resources to achieve strategic outcomes.  Candidate must have five or more years of design experience in an agency, in-house or freelance, with at least two years of leadership experience and a track record of successful, launched products and/or campaigns.  Candidate should also have excellent communication skills, confidence to engage with a fast-paced yet uplifting culture, and a nuanced understanding of how the brand interacts with customers and other stakeholders across multiple channels.  A strong background in UI/UX with hardware focus is a plus. BFA/ MFA is preferred, but an exceptional portfolio can be a substitute.



We are seeking a recruiter with a passion for identifying and acquiring talent for diverse, highly integrated and rapidly growing teams.  Candidate should have five or more years of startup recruiting experience with a proven track record of placing hardware, software and non-technical talent. The ideal candidate will have wide network and deep relationships in the tech community, as well as the superior communication skills necessary to understand the complex needs of hiring managers.  Prior experience in the IoT industry is preferred.  Enjoyment of food or cooking is a plus.